How lead generation looks like with SDR LEAD?

Our working process is simple and truly straightforward – upon providing us some data, we start working on your leads right away.

1. Tell us about your business and ideal customer

We learn about your business and products/services you provide. You complete our form with the description of your ideal customer or send us your ICP data.

2. We Start Searching For Leads Based On Your Customer Profile And Provide You With The Sample Data

We provide some leads based on your ICP description. We have daily communication with you to ensure we deliver the information you need. If you are content with the result, we prepare to scale our searching efforts.

3. We Scale Searching Efforts And Generate Leads According To Your Criteria

We ensure you have enough leads in your pipeline. As we work on your campaign, we reflect the progress on your customer’s dashboard, including updated lead statuses. At any moment you can correct the results to ensure we are on the right track.

4. Review And Improvement

Upon the completion, we review our progress and campaign results. We take your feedback very seriously, so that we can keep providing the best service during next campaigns.

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