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Streamline your Sales Process with us!

Get help with any sales related task, like qualifying your CRM accounts, generating new leads, or researching the list of trade show attendees.

1. Send us your task via email or website chat

- We have about a thousand email contacts, could you tell me which ones qualify to be our leads?
- Absolutely. Fill out this short form to help us identify your prospects, or send us the description of your customer’s profile.

2. We agree on the price

- I need contact details of 2020 Mobile world congress participants.
- 1843 companies confirmed their attendance. I am sending you the details.

3. We complete the task and deliver you the results

- Hi there, I am sending you the the list of leads you requested.
- Perfect, I am wiring the payment!

Key benefits

1) We have the best prices on the market. We price match if you find a better offer!*
Our reps are located in Eastern Europe, which lets us provide you the excellent service at low price.
* conditions apply

2) We  are flexible with the payment options:
a. You can safely pay via wire transfer and Paypal (card payment is coming soon)
b. You can also pay in installments by splitting the amount into several payments, depending on the milestones.

3) We work around the clock to deliver the result - most of the tasks we complete during the same day.

4) We do any type of sales support, so that you can focus on selling!

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