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Quality vs Quantity Leads

Lead generation is a rock foundation of the entire sales process. It is a crucial part of the lead management strategy, and its mishandling can lead to dire consequences.

If you think of the sales process as of funnel, lead generation stays on top of it. SDR’s and Sales reps work in a team to keep the closing ratio at its highest, however, the more quality leads your SDR team can generate, the greater the chances are that you will close the sale.

The key word in lead generation is QUALITY. Without proper early lead qualification, there is no difference if you collect 100 or 1000 leads. Therefore, while generating leads, ensure they correspond to the lead profile your sales team developed.

At SDR LEAD we do just that. Strict adherence to your ICP, in-depth account analysis and multiple iterations help us provide our customers not only contact lists, but ready-to-be-closed deals. We bring value by delivering high-quality leads, so that you can do high-quality sales.