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Using Drip Marketing in Sales

The high-point of contemporary business is getting your products to your target audience. Unfortunately for many, it seems easier to take selfies on the pinnacle of the Kilimanjaro than to achieve sustainability in selling.

Researchers have developed plenty of techniques and methodologies to help businesses and marketers alike cope with the mind-boggling task of appropriately introducing their products to customers. One of these tools is the “Drip Marketing”, which consists of carefully crafted sequence of emails, often with a clear call-to-action. Sent with the right time intervals, these emails are aimed at establishing right connection with the lead, move it “down the sales funnel”, and ultimately convert it into a customer.

Drip marketing serves as an efficient tool for sales managers aiming to reach out personally to hundreds of prospects worldwide. Sales/SDR teams have to master it (like we did), if they want to efficiently sell their products/ services to the audience.