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Email quarantining

Companies deploy a lot of strategies, including email newsletters, weekly notifications and special updates to talk to their prospects. Provided you have an audience and target market willing to keep tabs with the latest trends, there is no need to adopt the “Goldilocks principle” in making as many offers as possible because the right time is now.

In as much as reaching a vast range of audience is your goal, it’s a lot fruitful to quarantine your list thereby extracting invalid contacts from lead generation campaigns. It’s literally a waste of business time crafting bespoke emails to non-existent prospects or fake emails. To successfully quarantine your email list, deploy the services of mailing tools such as ZeroBounce, Email Checker etc.

Oftentimes people find it difficult to identify what emails to cast out from their campaigns, if you are faced with this issue I suggest you look out for “absurd identities”. For example, if your prospect list contains names as Trump, Obama, Putin, it’s most probably a fake email; blacklist them and take them off our list.

However, if  an “absurd identity” becomes your follower, don’t ignore her. Reach out to such people with special offers, they might sooner or later become targets of your campaigns and most likely become leads. Pull them into Pre-qualification zone and establish cordial relationships with them which culminates to more lead generation.