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The importance of follow-ups

When the first introduction email is sent to a prospect, a sales person hopes to get a response to it. However, often that email is left unanswered. Most sales people don’t proceed to a second email. Usually, the sales man just stops, thinking that prospect’s silence is equivalent to “we are not interested”

The thing is that often prospects ignore first reach out email – be it due to the lack of time or interest, the email is lost in a shuffle while a sales man loses prospect’s attention. According to one of the reports from “Yesware“, you need to press on with your offer several times and at specific intervals, so that you have a greater chance of converting your prospect into a warm lead. These emails are called “follow-emails” or “follow-ups”. Gsuite calls them “nudges”, and they are part of the new Gmail.

Follow up emails get the prospects to talk, and are a valuable instrument in the sales methodology. Usually it is not until second, third, or even fourth follow-up email until prospects take a glimpse at your offer and respond to it.

To avoid being viewed as too pushy, a sales rep should schedule an average of 5 -7 follow-ups over a period of a month, with 4-5 days break between them. However, each campaign scenario is different, as “silence interval” is only a part of the equation. The other part is the right message, right channel, right target people and right qualification. Without these, follow-ups might be viewed as email abuse the trigger spam alert from the recipient.