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We use the range of instruments to deliver the result you need. Through LinkedIn and web search, we find the leads and implement marketing campaigns to reach them. Upon establishing contact, we pass warm leads to you to finalize a sale.

Social media posting
Lead revival and nurturing

We take leads you have abandoned, create irresistible product offers for them and revive their interest in your company.

LinkedIn prospecting

We help identify the decision-makers and contact them on LinkedIn. We optimize your profile, so that you have more inbound leads.

Email marketing

Our copywriters compose scripts that work. Having run over 100+ campaigns, we help you with the hard work so that you can focus on selling.

[SDR now]

We do small tasks as well, like managing your CRM to qualify the existing entries or quickly update your accounts with the relevant data.

1. Lead generation

We search the internet to gather relevant information about your leads (decision makers’ names, company and contact information).

2. Lead qualification

We segment the search results and develop marketing campaigns to reach the leads. We run the campaigns and process the feedback to deliver you qualified prospects.

3. Closing a sale

we set up appointments with your team members, helping you finalize a sale.

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